Monday, April 18, 2016

Some Times You Just Figure Why Not?

Over the past year I have seen a number of bloggers post up cards from collections like Benchwarmers and a couple of Japanese sets and I will admit that it peaked my interest. I honestly paid very little attention to these sets but I wanted to see what was out there so I looked through sets listed on eBay and I came across one lady who I found that is a redhead and of Irish decent (both are my Kryptonite).

Her name is Scarlett Keegan and I added a couple of cards to my watch list and made some very low bids eventually winning these two cards (Under $8 for both cards shipped). I figured since I won the cards I might as well find out who she is and turns out she was a Playboy Playmate.  

The Benchwarmer sets are quite interesting because they are not regular sets, though there are base cards. Each set is usually made up of a small base set and quite a few inserts and then each of these inserts have multiple parallels based on background color and autograph ink color. There are also some cards that are rereleased from a previous set but listed as “Archive” cards and numbered.

Both cards are from the 2015 Pink Archives release but the second card is a Holiday Autograph from a 2014 set but was reissued in the 2015 Pink Archives set and is #2/3. You may also notice the signatures are different, in some sets she signs just initials while in other sets she signs her entire name.
I am torn on whether I should add any more Scarlett Keegan cards to my collection, most of her cards are autographs and they are quite cheap so it gives me the opportunity to add a unique personality to my collection and relatively inexpensive.

One of the sellers included a 2012 Breygent World Of Fantasy Z-Card, which was unexpected. The Z-Cards from Breygent are posters, some are sketch posters and some are basic posters like this one, that are sandwiched between two cards. The artist signs one of the cards and you can unfold the cards for an 8x10 poster, the artist who designed this poster is Gary Kezele. It is a neat idea and I found a very cool sketch Z-Card where the entire 8x10 poster was a sketch but I thought about how to display it and in the end I decided not to bid.



  1. Replies
    1. I have seen her kiss autographs and if I do decide to go with a Scarlett Keegan mini-pc I probably will pick one up. I always thought they were interesting since I saw them appear in wrestling sets about 12-15 years ago.

  2. Cool. I still don't have a benchwarmer autograph. I might need to change that haha

  3. I think she changed from the full autograph to just initials some time in 2015. I haven't counted lately, but I've probably got 50-60 different cards in my Scarlett Keegan PC.