Monday, April 11, 2016

Tearing It Up

We are a week in to the baseball season and there are already some winners and losers but I think the biggest news is coming out of Colorado and their rookie shortstop Trevor Story. After hitting a homerun in his first four games he now has seven homers in six games. He will cool off but his play has made his cards white hot and out of the 12 Topps Now cards released he has been on three of them.

His cards are not selling at super nova prices like Stephan Strasburg, Bryce Harper and Mike Trout’s early cards did but his limited numbered base cards and autographs are still selling at a significant price with his 2011 Bowman Chrome cards leading the way. He really came out of no where, not even rated in the Top 10 of the Rockies prospects (he was listed as the #11 prospect), it is time to go back and check my cards to see if I am sitting on any of his cards, this image was taken from eBay.


  1. I was going to be jealous if you had one lol. I have searched high and low and none to be found.

  2. Never busted a lot of prospect issues like Bowman... but I have a few boxes I picked up from a friend back in the day. I wonder if there are any hidden treasures sitting in there.