Wednesday, April 1, 2015

An Interesting Take On Superheroes

Upper Deck released something unusual today that has brought a bit of a heated discussion among some collectors because of the odd pack out. The release, 2015 Marvel 3D Trading Card, is not a standard comic card product but instead is a mixture of comic cards and DBG (Deck Building Game) set. It was initially a 2014 product and set for a November 2014 release but was delayed until today and was re-designated as 2015 release.

The pack out consists of 20 packs per box with 6 cards per pack for $100. The set has a 100-card checklist but there is also a 40-card DBG checklist, which is what makes this release different. The base cards are 3D lenticular cards while the DBG cards are your standard trading card game design. Additionally each box contains 1 sketch card but the card is playable DBG card, a first in the sketch card world. A box break will give you 60 base cards, 40 playable Legendary DGB cards and a sketch card.

Initially when I read the information about the set I was questionable because all that I saw were the sketch cards but now that the cards are starting to show up on eBay I have to admit I dig both the 3D Lenticular base set as well as the Deck Building Game (DBG) cards and considering that there are only 100 base cards and 40 DBG cards I may end up working on this set. It is unique enough to keep my attention and small enough to not break the bank.

Here is a sample of base and DBG cards that are currently up for auction to get an idea of what Upper Deck is putting out.

The sketch cards that I have seen have some amazing artwork from artists like Rich Molinelli, Mike Thomas, Eric Ninaltowski and Carlos Cabaleiro. These are cards that I pulled off of artist's Facebook and DeviantArt pages.

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