Thursday, April 16, 2015

Can The End Of A Ban Change Your Mind?

As of Friday April 16th Adrian Peterson will be re-instated in to the NFL following his 7 month ban for child abuse. There is no question that he lost a majority of his fan support and collectors sold off their AP collections as quickly as possible.

Now that he will be back the question is will people come back to support him and will he do well on-field? He turned 30 last month, the “unofficial” retirement age for running backs, but take in to consideration that only 3 seasons ago he ran for over 2.000 yards and last year he only played in one game so he should be completely rested.

The next question is where will he suit up? The Vikings have said they look forward to Peterson returning to the team but there is talk that the Cowboys, Cardinals and Raiders are interested though he still has 3 years left on his contract and is due $12.75 million this year and increases to $14.75 million and $16.75 million over the next two season not counting bonuses.

 On the collector front he has plenty of his cards available and prices range greatly so collectors have options. Do you have any interest in collecting his cards?


  1. Nope. Not even a little interested in his cards. It would be even better if he went to the Cowboys. That is about the only way to make me care even less about him.