Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Blue Harvest In Card Form

What happens when you blend the classic film Star Wars and fan favorite show Family Guy? You get the very awesome Blue Harvest (followed by Something, Something, Something, Dark Side and It’s A Trap!) parody by Seth McFarlane.

The DVD included a pack of 12 promo cards when first released. The cards included various scenes from the movie and when they are all put together the back completes a 3-D puzzle. The sets were only included in the European DVD releases so unfortunately I had to order these from an English dealer so there was a bit higher shipping cost. There is also 9 card sets released with the other two DVDs too but I have not been able to find just the card sets anywhere. I have found the sealed DVDs with the cards included but I have a problem paying extra for a DVD that will not play on my DVD player just to get the cards.

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  1. I busted open a box (or two) of this product back in the day. Never realized they had a special 12 card dvd set. Thanks for sharing. Now I need to track down a set for myself.