Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Maybe Hold Up On The Auction

One of my goals last year was to cut down on the impulse card purchases, and I have done pretty well too, though occasionally a card catches my eye and I will pick it up. Last week I came across a cheap 2014 Topps Fire Ka’Deem Carey and I put in a bid and waited for the auction to end.

Normally I stick only with Carey’s University of Arizona cards but I think the Topps Fire cards are pretty cool and my bid was a whopping $0.25 so I figured it would be a decent addition to my collection if I won, which I did.

This auction got me thinking, at what point does it make no sense to even post up a card for auction? The auction started at $.05 and free shipping and after three bids ended at $.23 so in the end the seller lost money on the price of the stamp alone. It is difficult to comprehend why anyone would auction something knowing that they will be losing money.

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