Saturday, June 9, 2012

Close Up: 2012 Gypsy Queen Original Art Patch Cards

Each year Topps puts out a solid Gypsy Queen set and this year is no different. Boxes are selling around $90 in most places and when you consider you get 24 packs per box and you are guaranteed 2 autographs and 2 relics you can see that this is really a pretty decent deal.

This year I am totally digging the Original Art Patch cards, this is a 50 card checklist and each card is a 1/1 so this is a very limited insert. The insert ratio breaks down to 1:11,880 packs. The same two artists who worked on this year’s set also did last year’s cards, Monty Sheldon and Dave Hobrecht. Both artists are well known for their sports art and have both worked with Topps previously. Sheldon works in paint and the 28 cards the he created are colored while Dave Hobrecht works with pencil, charcoal and pastel and created his 22 cards in his well-known black and white styling.

A number of these Original Art Patches have shown up for sale since Gypsy Queen went live and from what I have seen they are easily topping $300 each. Currently the Chipper Jones card is up for auction and it is at $76 with 21 hours remaining. Last week the Warren Spahn card sold at $464.98.

Some other recent cards include a Mariano Rivera and Tim Lincecum, both at $400, Justin Verlander at $380 and Felix Hernandez at $324.99. What is interesting is that of the 6 cards I have seen sell, 5 of them are Monty’s and only one, the Hernandez card, was from Hobrecht.

Here are a couple of other cards from both artists so you can take a look. I am also including a photograph of all 28 Monty Sheldon cards at the bottom of the post.

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