Monday, June 11, 2012

Preview Image Of Topps Finest Grill Gear

In March I did a review of the 2012 Topps UFC Finest set, scheduled to be released July 18th. I have since updated the post with the most current information. At the time there were a couple of big chase inserts like the Fight Sponsor Auto Patch cards and the Finest VIP Pass cards but the one insert that has MMA collectors excited is the Grill Gear relic card.

When originally announced nobody had an idea of what to expect from Topps because nothing like this had been done before. Last week Topps finally let MMA collectors finally have a look at the much anticipated Grill Gear relic card when they released a sample image of a Louis Gaudinot Grill Gear card.

The checklist will contain 15 fighters and each card will be limited to 1/1, so expect to see some big cash numbers when they start to hit eBay. The complete checklist has not been released but it will include Gray Maynard, Brian Ebersole and Stipe Miocic along with Gaudinot.

The relic will be enclosed in a clear plastic container and the mouth piece will be viewable from all sides. I know I probably will not be able to afford one but damn... these cards are pretty cool.

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  1. Wow, that's a little bit gross and a lotta bit awesome!