Friday, June 15, 2012

Preview: 2012 Leaf Pop Century

Over the past few years Pop Century has become a standard of Leaf/Razor’s product line. Brian Gray has done a solid job lining up talent (and some not so talented) to sign for the releases, over the years we have seen some huge names show up on the checklist including Harrison Ford, Charlie Sheen and Pam Anderson. We have seen stars with a large cult following like Bruce Campbell, Stan Lee and William Shatner and we have seen the checklist filled in with train wrecks, those who are famous just for being famous… I am looking at you Kardashian household and Miss Lohan.

Unfortunately the checklist often outshines the design, which has been basic and pretty routine. This year’s base autograph card looks very similar some of the cards in Leaf’s Muhammad Ali release.

This year boxes will run $150-175 and they will include 5 hits and the checklist includes over 125 personalities. This release will include first-time signer Jennifer Lopez plus two different “double sided” multi-auto cards. One includes all seven Von Trapp kids from the Sound of Music and the second is signed by the crew from History Channel’s Pawn Stars. The rest of the checklist is made up of a large variety similar to previous years, including Harrison Ford, Lindsay Lohan, Pam Anderson, Britney Spears, Kate Beckinsale and Charlie Sheen. We will also see Ichiro, Adam West, Billy Dee Williams, Burt Reynolds, Patrick Stewart and Tommy Lee.

Besides the base autograph cards there will be Stunning Starlets (J Lo card shown above), Award Winners (Tommy Lee), Dressing Room (Britney Spears) and Co-Stars (Von Trapp and Pawn Stars) autographs.

The cards displayed are promo mock-ups and the autograph stickers shown are just place holders, these are not the stars real autographs.

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