Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Trade Package From Chris The Collector

Two weeks ago Chris from The Collector put out a call for custom card designers to help him create cards of some of his female athletes who normally would not have a card, or at least a card in the sets he was interested in collecting. When I saw that he included University of Arizona alumni Jennie Finch and Seattle Storm forward Breanna Stewart I was happy to help him out.

I was not able to make all of the cards, not yet, that he is interested in and currently the designs are just digital images he offered to send me some Griffey cards off of my Want List as a thank you for the work.

I got the Griffey cards the other day and I am happy to share them. Thank you, Chris, for your generosity. I will need to set aside some time to create the backs for the cards so the cards can be printed out.

Here are the cards he sent me:

2000 Topps Chrome #400

2005 Fleer National Packtime #13

2000 Topps #85

2013 Topps Cut to the Chase #CTC-2

2013 Topps Tribute #29


  1. Thank you for creating the customs! I really appreciate the work you've put into them. I'll be checking COMC for more Griffey cards you need.

  2. I always loved the 2000 Topps design. I think I'm of the minority opinion in that regard.