Friday, April 28, 2017

It's Gotta Be The Glasses

I posted a single card this week and that was part of Monday’s question so today I will make my complete focus on my Ken Griffey Jr. Gargoyles card.

In 1995 Griffey signed a one-year contract with Gargoyles sunglasses, he was included in magazine and in-store advertisements and if you purchased a pair of his signature sunglasses there was a card included in the box. There were base cards that are #/5000 and there were also autographed versions but those cards are not numbered.


  1. Kind of funny the numbering started with 0 and had 5 digits when out of 5,000.

    1. I noticed that too and was wondering why it was numbered that way.

  2. Never seen or heard of these before. Great oddball for the Griffey collector.

  3. Cool oddball card that I had never heard of.

  4. I just stumbled on this blog looking for information on my autographed griffey gargoyles card. I wanted to know how many where producted of the auto. And I would love to know what it is worth

  5. I have one of these numbered 00634 / 5000. Any idea if the value of this thing? I remember getting it with a pair of Gargoyles back in 97/98. It was sealed in a Mylar wrapper. I didn’t open it for about 10 years, I finally ended up opening it just to see if there was an autograph on the card.