Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Why Yes, They Do Have An Elegant Appearance

I like when find a card and you look at it and think “That design really works nicely”. I found two cards from 2016 Hit Memorabilia releases, one from their Fission release and one from their Cornerstone Collection release 
Now when I talk about the design I do not include the lack of a MLB licensing so the Mattingly and Griffey cards do not have team names or logos, which would definitely add to the appeal. I am just talking about the actual design with background image/designs, player location and the layout of the die-cut windows. This is the kind of design I could see Upper Deck coming up with but Hits Memorabilia did a wonderful job here and I really appreciate the look of both cards, of course I would prefer the Griffey card but that is a bit biased of me.

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  1. The Mattingly kinda reminds me of Topps Marquee Quad Relics from a few years back.