Monday, April 24, 2017

Monday Question Day

Today is question day:

Is there a type of card you will not pick up for your collection?

I have a couple of things that I do not like to include in my collection for assorted reasons. I do not like modern day mini cards or over-sized cards, too much of a pain to display or organize because of size compared to other cards in the set. I do not like medallions, commemorative coins/tokens, stamps or most manufactured relics either. These are just an attempt to add value to a release, which they don’t really, and they are usually significantly larger than a standard card so they don’t fit in binders. 


  1. I agree with both of these, and I'm not thrilled with buybacks for the same reason you don't like medallions, stamp cards, etc. I have picked up a couple manu-patches on COMC if the price and patch are decent, but I dont like the idea of them.

    The two types of cards I don't collect are things that are actually very popular with many collectors, especially among the bloggers I've seen: oddballs and unlicensed sets. I don't have anything against them, other than the fact that they very rarely appeal to me.

  2. All the above for much the same reasons. And I'll add parallels. Different colored borders and stuff like that? Meh.

  3. I avoid those tall Game Day cards from the early nineties. I'm also not a big fan of relics.

  4. I don't collect college cards. I have a bunch because they keep coming in repacks. As long as the NCAA keeps discriminating against basketball and football players in particular I will not support them.

  5. This is gonna sound weird... but I don't really go out of my way to pick up current base cards. Why? Well... I get so many in care packages, I don't really need to. Other than that... anything is fair game.