Monday, April 10, 2017

Titus Young's Hall Of Fame Career Will Have To Wait

Sometimes I will look to past posts and see if there is a follow up that I can do to update a situation and sometimes a face from the past forces their way back in to the headlines which just shouts at me to do a follow up.

This time it is Titus Young, the troubled former Detroit Lions wide receiver, who has spent more time in jail than in the NFL. Here is the <LINK> to one of my former posts covering Young’s 26 game career with the Lions.

In 2013 he was arrested three times in a one week period (twice in 15 hours) with charges of DUI, Breaking and Entering, Burglary, Resisting Arrest and Assaulting a Police Officer. He was later arrested after a bench warrant was issued in late 2013 after he failed to appear on the burglary charges. In July 2014 he was arrested on five counts of Assault and Battery and eventually was sentenced to one year at an inpatient treatment rehabilitation center beginning in May 2015 plus five years probation. He left the rehabilitation center after six months and then immediately decided to attack his neighbor with a deadly weapon.

The legal system has finally had enough of Titus Young’s antics and this morning sentenced him to 4 years in prison.

He once claimed he was a Hall of Famer and better than every player on the Detroit Lions team but it can now be said that unless he goes to prison at Citrus State Prison (The Longest Yard reference) he is done with his football career.

His father continues to claim that all his problems are directly connected to a mystery concussion (or series of concussions depending on when he talks about it) that was never diagnosed by a team doctor or independent doctor saying that his son’s brain is compressed to the front of his skull. I say to his father quit blaming Titus’ horrendous criminal decisions on everyone else and focus on the one consistent variable, your son.   

I do not own the card at the top of this post, I pulled it from eBay and I feel bad for the seller who has it posted at $149.99 BIN price.

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  1. I realize that we're human beings and bound to make mistakes. But it's disturbing to read stories like this where he had so many chances to turn things around. Plus he had the talent to make millions of dollars while entertaining and possibly inspiring football fans around the country. What a waste. Hopefully he learns his lesson in prison, makes it out alive, and becomes a productive member of our society.