Tuesday, April 25, 2017

From The Captain To The Owner

If the rumors are true than a group that includes Derek Jeter and former Florida Governor/ Presidential candidate Jeb Bush have won an auction to purchase the Miami Marlins. The information comes from someone with specific knowledge of the deal who spoke to Scott Soshnick who writes for Bloomberg. The Miami Herald has gotten in on the rumors too saying that an unnamed source says the price came out to $1.3 billion and the sale is waiting upon approval from the MLB.

If the $1.3 billion is the actual price than this makes the Marlins sale the second highest selling point for any American sports team after the 2012 sale of the LA Dodgers, which sold for $2 billion. This doesn’t mean the Marlins are the second most valuable team, just that the Jeter group was willing to pay the insane price Loria thinks the team is worth. The most recent Forbes list of sports franchise value that I have found is from 2015 and the Miami Marlins are not even listed in the Top 50 list of American most valuable sports teams.

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  1. Maybe they will keep Ichiro on one more year since they are making it rain!