Thursday, April 27, 2017

The More You Know

I was walking my dog and came across this, a neighbor put an outgoing package next to the mail boxes and flipped the flag up on their mail box. It is bad enough that we have the old-school mail boxes in our neighborhood and they are easy for someone to pull up and grab mail out of without being noticed, this person is just making it easier for a thief to grab it. Whenever I sell cards I bring them to the Post Office even if it is a .99 cent card because I don’t want to take a chance sending it out in my mailbox.

So the next time a card I bought doesn’t show up and the seller says it must have been stolen, this is what I will picture.


  1. Now there's a nostalgic logo :-) Nicely integrated.

  2. Lol. I'm the guy who assumes that this package is bait and someone is sitting across the street with a camera recording it... waiting for some hoodlum to come along and try to steal it.